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Touch Single Sensor

I have been running single sensor and headset for a 18 months, or whenever they came out UK anyway. Today I received a pair of Touch controllers I bought used on ebay. I cannot get past the "add second sensor" on the config to pair them. I did not buy the sensor as I read that it'll still work with just the one and I'm not bothered about room scale, just sitting on my bed. I know two sensors is ideal etc, but the tracking on the headset is good enough single sensor that I thought I would give it a go. I solely play racing and flying games so had no need for touch, but I wanted to try out Job Simulator. How can I get past this setup and pair the Touch controllers?


  • GATOxVoSGATOxVoS Posts: 440
    I haven't been too into the VR game as of late, but where did you hear you could run a Rift + Touch setup with only one sensor? 
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  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,189
    I think that if it was possible to use the HMD and Touch controllers with only one sensor, they wouldn't package the sensor with the Touch Controllers.
    The headset works with one controller because it has IR LED's front and back. When you turn around the sensor can still see some LED's. The Touch Controllers are different because you will hide them with your body when playing.
    I suggest you get the second sensor (as long as you know that your controllers actually work).
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  • markypeamarkypea Posts: 14
    I found a few mentions in threads regarding it working alright with a single sensor, hence why I went for the jump. I'm just going to stick them on ebay.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,595 Volunteer Moderator
    It can run without 2 sensors. I just unplugged 2 of my 3 sensors and everything still worked (although tracking was crap when I faced the wrong way, as expected), no warnings or anything. But I don't know how to bypass the setup checks.
  • markypeamarkypea Posts: 14
    edited February 27
    Thank you for testing out the setup, much appreciated! Shame that I don't have a friend with a Rift to just borrow their sensor for the setup step. Oh well. Listed on ebay now 😁

    Also yes, you are correct, given that for £100 you can get new Touch and Sensor kit on Amazon, I was a fool to jump on ebay and buy some. A fool and their money are easily parted!
  • markypeamarkypea Posts: 14
    Borrowed a friend of a friend's sensor, setup the touch controllers, works perfect with Google Earth and the kids are loving Job Simulator no compaints.
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