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AR/VR in museums

ilya.stasevichilya.stasevich Posts: 2
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Hi everybody!

What do you think about using AR or VR in museums? Do you suppose it has a great future? What's your opinion?

I think that's very useful nowadays cause it has great prospects. Recently my company has written a short article about it:


  • kevinw729kevinw729 Posts: 4,813 Valuable Player
    Hi @ilya.stasevich
    There are a number of examples of VR in museum and gallery installations - one of the funniest being back in 2017 with the NT art installation (picture). For many installations the issue of large audience throughput and the requirements of wearing a headset, compared to other applications of other immersive digital installations plays a factor in their deployment. Regarding AR - a few installations and promotional applications have been attempted - but we will have to wait and see the reaction to the Meow Mow / Magic Leap instillation in Washington this year, before we know if this is a new phase of development.

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  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,150 Valuable Player
    Rather than VR headsets being used inside museums and galleries I think it's MUCH better for museum exhibits and pictures and sculptures to be recreated in VR so that people around the world can see these things without hopping on a plane.

    There's already a few good examples of this on the Oculus Store - The Kremer Collection, The Night Cafe, Hold The World and Nefertari Journey To Infinity.

    But the best example of this is Rekrei (formally known as Project Mosul) which has used tourist photos of exhibits in the Mosul Museum which were destroyed by Islamic fundamentalist nutjobs to recreate the exhibits in VR.

    I reckon we're only 10 years or so away from every big museum and art gallery in the world being recreated in VR.
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  • ilya.stasevichilya.stasevich Posts: 2

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