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Both my left and right touch controllers triggers are loud, will that matter?

GMgregster94GMgregster94 Posts: 4
So I've had the Oculus for over about two to three weeks now, I've noticed the right trigger for my touch controller has gone loud with clacking, then my left touch controllers trigger doing that same thing. Though I'm not asking if it's supposed to be like that, as I'm aware it's basically being used a lot. Though my question here is, is that a bad thing though? Will I have to worry about this in the future if I continue to use it? Will they just later on just not work due to that?(I also had two friends have a go at it, which obviously contributed to the controllers being like that, as I'm already used to the controllers and know how to properly use them without pressing so hard on the triggers) That's all I wanted to know, I do have plans on getting the 100$ bundle for two new controllers with the sensor and all that, but I wanted to know if I should be worried about it now, instead of later.
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