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OculusGo I can not upload OBB files

qleahamadaqleahamada Posts: 1
edited March 5 in Oculus Go
I'd like to upload OBB files to OculusGo, but I can not do it.
I'm trying to put ovr-platform-util.exe and execute the following on the command line.

ovr-platform-util upload-mobile-build --app_id 1857987994318404 --app_secret OCAf5czZBaVXyBIDXvNmZAlIZAjD2DCU78k8HhZBV5tdftnINDiD2C7ZCZBZCSnkMOjjRYcEbzFqf2noegEAGnZAuT2ZCeaZC2VN9RIZD --apk C:\Users\hamad\SumaTheaterVR-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk --obb --assets-dir C:\Users\hamad\  --channel alpha --notes "first update."

apk filename: SumaTheaterVR-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk
obb filename:
channel is alpha.

As shown below, an error occurs.

Logs are written to: C:\Users\hamad\AppData\Local\Temp\oc_cli_1857987994318404_2019-03-05T07-43-19-585Z.log
Preparing for upload...

ERROR: Error validation application. Either App ID or App Secret must be invalid.



  • q41029974q41029974 Posts: 4
     Either App ID or App Secret must be invalid.
    check app id and secret?
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