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Where are the free apps and games?

DreadedKaneDreadedKane Posts: 32
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How do I browse free apps and games on the Oculus store? All I could find was a dozen or so free demos in the "Free To Try" section.


  • Slyhotshot36020Slyhotshot36020 Posts: 3
    If you go to Oculus home and click experiences then scroll down until you see the big blue button that says free.
  • drguilddrguild Posts: 6
    edited November 2019
    I want to update this as it looks like the free section in Experiences has been removed for the Rift and cant see it for Quest either, Gear VR store still has a free section.
    Also when searching filtering from low to high you will only see paid apps starting with the lowest price at $1.
    The free programs are listed at the end after the highest priced items so you need to scroll through everything in the store just to get to the free stuff.

    This seemed to have happened in the last month or so.
    Oculus has made it extremely hard to find all the free content now pushing users towards the paid content by hiding the free stuff..
  • RazaahRazaah Posts: 1
    Yeah real nice to hide all the free games, i dont mind paying for games but like i want to build my library without spending money of every single thing.
  • jeriblankkjeriblankk Posts: 5
    I have a free meditation app I am giving away to do some testing. Any takers? need a Rift. 
  • SpottiChenSpottiChen Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Up until now, to find anything outside of the Oculus app, you pretty much had to manually Google search 'Oculus' + 'the name of the game'. To find every free game, simply type 'free' into the search field. A filter menu also lets you find all games currently on sale including their original price and new sale price.
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