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Oculus Store Titles Showing No Longer Showing Installed

bzowkbzowk Posts: 22
Brain Burst
Hey Guys - 

I've had my Rift pretty much since the beginning and enjoy it.  A few weeks ago, I noticed when trying to start some of the titles I purchased in the Oculus Store, "Install" appeared instead of "Start" even though all data was still locally present.  Eventually, all of the titles purchased from the store resulted as such.  Attempting to install any of these titles failed unless I manually deleted the previously installed files first.  Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that some titles store all preferences and save games in the installation path - not user profile - therefore lost many hours of progress reinstalling some this way.

After seeing a couple of similar posts on this forum, I attempted a Repair of the Oculus app, but found out this afternoon that it is still occurring for titles I have fixed once already.  My best guess is that it has something to do with having titles present on 2 disks as each disk has its own "Manifests" & "StoreAssets" folder with the content of each not matching what's installed on that disk.  

Is there any known fix for this issue besides the above?  I'm having to research save locations for all of my titles (and I have many) to back them up before I can repair them.  Preferably a string I can execute to make it re-scan installed executables or something.  I'm now also having to do this multiple times per title and it's becoming a pain.  Below is some information about my environment.

My Environment
- Oculus Rift CV1
- Touch Controllers
- 3 Sensors (x2 USB 3.0 each on different controller / x1 USB 2.0)
- Windows 10 1809 x64 (Fully patched)
- Only AV is Malwarebytes but is not real time and I review items prior to quarantine
- Oculus Client (But has occurred on many prior releases)
- Oculus App installed onto C:\ (SSD which also has OS installed but no titles)
- Titles installed in folder on G:\ (SSD) or E:\ (Hybrid SSD)
- Have a few 3rd party / Unknown Sources titles that I also use
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