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What happens when Oculus Support doesn't get back to me for a critical issue?

jido-genshijido-genshi Posts: 10
edited March 2019 in Support
 I’ve been trying to contact Oculus Support through the contact form on the site for a week now and have not received a response at all. My Oculus Go battery no longer holds a charge and charging itself is erratic. There seems to be two issues, the fragile Mini USB port no longer makes a solid connection, and the battery itself seems defective (it’s been heating up excessively.) 

When I can get the Mini USB port to connect, it only charges up to about 35-45% even after leaving it plugged in for 12 hours! Then, once I turn on the Go, it depletes within 10-15 minutes. It needs to be returned for a new one. I’ve only had this for 9 months and it shouldn’t already be dying on me… it's funny because a month ago they got back to me quickly regarding needing a replacement for a lost lens ring, but a potential exploding battery I guess is not as important?


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