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Are headset clips available yet?

Hasko7Hasko7 Posts: 14
I need to order some more clips for the Oculus headset. These are the clips that hold the cable to the head strap. I found a post from a couple of years ago where you guys said these weren't available at that time, but I was wondering if they are yet. I need to buy these in bulk since I'm perpetually popping mine off and I have no idea where they go. It's like they fly into a void somewhere and we can never find them. (If they still aren't available, I'll continue to use tape, but it's driving my sweet husband a little insane.) Thanks for any info!  :)


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,248
    Can't you get more from the same place you've been getting them?
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  • CrimsonKing2802CrimsonKing2802 Posts: 6
    I don't think they are.
  • Kordan9090Kordan9090 Posts: 1
    Google search Reality Check VR  he usually has them
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