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Lone Echo not launching

PringlePetePringlePete Posts: 1
Just received my Oculus today.  Set it up, everything works great.  Tried firing up Lone Echo, and nothing happens.  A small window appears briefly, but no error prompt.

Echo VR works beautifully, but nothing from Lone Echo.  No idea what's going on.  Any ideas?  Tried uninstalling the game, reinstall.  Updated graphics drivers.


  • V-ArchV-Arch Posts: 3
    I have exactly the same issue, although I have used it in the past successfully - assume some update has messed it up? I've re-intalled Lone Echo twice now and updated my nvidia drivers etc.
    I can open Echo VR no problem, and watch the new VR trailer for Lone Echo 2.
    My Oculus Dashboard refreshes/re-centres everytime I try to open Lone Echo - but no error screen........ :( nothing.
  • waredgowaredgo Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem - it worked great for a couple months and then nothing now. Reinstalling it didn't help.
  • sford52sford52 Posts: 174
    edited March 21
    What are you system specs?  Laptop/desktop, CPU, motherboard, GPU, OS.  I understand you can play other apps/games on your rift/system, and have played this one in the past. Lone Echo is (as I understand it) quite demanding on the CPU. Do you hear the intro sound playing? Do you see any screen whatsoever or does it just remain black?
    There is a "log" directory and file of sorts - most likely at: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\r14logs
    however if you have installed to another location, it should be: ..myLocation..  \Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\_local\r14logs 
    After you try to start the game, do you see any file in this location? It will have the dateTimeStamp of when you tried to launch your game (now) and end in .log If you see this file, please post it. Note it may not look quite right, not being windows cr/lf formatted, and looking like one big concatenated line of text
    ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS-AH73 17.3" Laptop.  I7-7700HQ, GTX1070, 12 GB DDR4 RAM, 500 EVO 970 GB SSD, VS 2017, Oculus rift, Windows 10 home
  • V-ArchV-Arch Posts: 3

    Hi sford52 and thanks for taking an interest.

    I have run multiple times and even finished Lone Echo when it first came out. Been running fine for ages. Oculus stopped working a couple of weeks ago and I had to re-install everything, and everything works fine again except Lone Echo.....

    My system is an AMD FX8350, 16Gb Ram, Asus Strix 970GTX. Never had any issue running anything at all before this...

    I do not even have a _local folder in my Lone Echo folder, as it has never even managed to start. I have r14logs for Echo Arena and even the new trailer for Lone Echo 2.

    Each time I try to start the game it simply blinks/re-centres the Oculus dashboard. No error messages - nothing.

    Here is my r14log for Echo Arena if that's any help.

  • sford52sford52 Posts: 174
    @V-Arch - wow, ok, given that it used to run we can assume it isnt hardware related. Although there was an update to Lone-echo (the Atlas patch -, I don't think it was "forced". There was probably a Rift software update as well, but I'm not inclined to blame that either. It is a little concerning that you had to reinstall everything a couple weeks ago.

    I'm concerned that you don't have a _local directory. That leads me to initially suspect 2 possible problems. (1) There are permission problems that prevent the game from creating it's subordinate directories under the Oculus\Software\ready-at-dawn-lone-echo\ main directory, or (2) there is some install dispute between the original install and the reinstall. Perhaps the original was on a different drive letter or location and somewhere there is some file still trying to use that.

    If it is issue (1) then I guess I would use WinExplorer to check the properties on the Echo Arena directory and it's subdirectories (including it's _local) and compare to the ready-at-dawn-lone-echo directory. Maybe even manually create a _local under ready-at-dawn-lone-echo. BTW, are there any subdirs in the ready-at-dawn-lone-echo directory? (like _data, bin, or sourcedb - the same dir names in the ready-at-dawn-echo-arena dir, If none of these are there then you've got a big install problem)

    If it is issue (2) then I'm not actually sure which directories,files, and possibly registry settings might be involved.

    If I were in your shoes, I might try to contact Ready-At-Dawn at [email protected] ( and see if you get any response.
    ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS-AH73 17.3" Laptop.  I7-7700HQ, GTX1070, 12 GB DDR4 RAM, 500 EVO 970 GB SSD, VS 2017, Oculus rift, Windows 10 home
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 348 Oculus Staff
    Hi everyone! 

    One possible workaround that might work here is to run the executable as an administrator straight from the game's directory (default should be somewhere in C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\...). If that works, please let me know.

    If it doesn't end up working, please gather your Diagnostic logs using these steps: and create a ticket with us with the logs attached so we can look further into what's causing the crashes. Thanks, -Aidan
  • msboujeepradamsboujeeprada Posts: 1
    Same problem here with Lone Echo not launching on my MSI GE62VR....I tried all the solutions posted online but same problem...and finally it's working today!!!!. I found "Windows Update " in "Update &Security" did not UPGRADE the Win10. It's always shown your Win10 is up to date , but it's not!!. So you must use the app "Win10 UPGRADE ASSISTANT" to UPGRADE completely. Once that done , UPDATE the latest driver for ALL of your graphic cards. Mine has 1 Intel HD graphics 630 and 1 GTX1060....Hope ths help! 
  • V-ArchV-Arch Posts: 3

    Thanks sford52 and OculusSupport for all your help. None of the workarounds seemed to work, but Lone Echo has just updated to fix a fault with launching in Win7.......and it now works!! Yay!

    Sadly, back to very start, but such a great 'game' I don't mind.

    Thanks again.

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