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Dance Collider...a promising start with own songs coming soon

MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
edited March 9 in Games and Apps
My review: -

"Love the environments although these could also show some progression for each 3 rounds. Thought the "snow" should come towards us and found it weird to fall backwards in effect. Like the giant dancing avatar but these surely should be showing us how to move and follow rather than us waving arms about. Perhaps it does but is not obvious! I like the 8 styles of music only not sure yet how they all differ in moves.
What I do hate is the LOUD HIGH BEEP at the starts to begin and that must go!!!
I do like how it rewards for punches than just contacts and the repeated balls are way cool to manage 2 hands when they twist. Is the Big Star supposedly a 2hand block? It's not clear! You could add items that forces us to MOVE and yes we should be copying the dancing avatar else what's the point of a "Dance" title and it being there! I really like the music is VERY LOUD. Audio Settng for Voice does nothing but gets auto-adjusted for whatever reason. Needs a 2 Player Dance-Off (opponant becomes the Avatar and follows their moves) which can work as the rounds continue to the end rather than stop after a few misses. I like that you're adding player's song lists too soon!!! Open the Lobby to all Online Players to meet. Say up to 8 in a group and provide us similar avatars with proximity mic."

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