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View keeps rotating quite badly and quite fast

mirkogrewingmirkogrewing Posts: 1
I had the Oculus Go for 3 days now. The first day I used it for a couple of hours without problems, then I installed more apps and started using it more often. Now in pretty much every app, the view is constantly rotating towards the right. Even in apps like Netflix where there I move my head very little, after 3 minutes the view has rotated by more than 45º. I am constantly resetting the view with the Oculus button, which is quite annoying... and there are a few apps or experiences where the button doesn't work and I have to exist, go back to the home screen, reset the view and resume the app.

I tried restarting the Oculus but nothing changed.

Is there any calibration routine that I can use? Or might it be defective?



  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 360 Oculus Staff

    Hey mirkogrewing, that's unusual. There isn't a calibration routine that you can use on the Go but if you haven't already, please try restarting your phone, completely powering down your Go headset  and then powering it back on. If it's happening in all apps though, you may need to do a factory reset. Just make sure your headset is fully charged before doing reset. Instructions on resetting your Go are available here . Please create a support ticket at if you're still having issues. Thanks! -Rick

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