Can or when we use two controllers with Go? — Oculus
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Can or when we use two controllers with Go?

sage23430sage23430 Posts: 1
I have the oculus go and Im wondering if you’re going to make it possible to use two controllers? Thanks Bill Potter.


  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 4,940 Volunteer Moderator

    If you mean two hand-tracked controllers like the Rift or the upcoming Quest, that's not going to happen with the Go, it just doesn't have that capability. The headset would need to have some form of inside-out tracking which it doesn't have.

    It has the remote for trackpad/menu type controlling which doesn't require tracking, so an additional controller of that type wouldn't really be a benefit, but you can use a compatible gamepad.

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  • K2unit3dK2unit3d Posts: 2
    Sage yes you are able to either with a PS4, Daydream or a Phone. You probably can with others but thats all Ive seen for now
  • K2unit3dK2unit3d Posts: 2
    Daft it shouldnt need inside out tracking to figure out where to remotes/controllers are since they are bluetooth not ir. Thats kind of like saying the Xbox needs a Kinect so you can use more than one controller. Its bluetooth all around, just  unsure why Oculus didnt build in native support for it
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