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ViSP - Virtual Space Port

LitespeedLitespeed Posts: 332
I just found this little gem:

It's a "build and defend" game. You are building a space station structure in roomscale VR. The goal is to connect your structure with certain artifacts spread over the 3D-space. You need to build docking ports for little freighter ships that deliver building supplies. At the same time you are under constant attack from hostile suicide bombers homing in on your structure against which you can build shielding structures (and later guns).

It's a very simplistic game design with simple building blocks graphics. But it's a lot of fun and quite challenging. The way you are "drawing" your space station expansions in 3D all across your roomscale play area is really intuitive. I haven't seen this concept used anywhere else yet.

Locomotion is handled by "grabbing space"  and pulling it in any direction using your 2 Touch controllers, rotation is done using one single controller. Again really clever and intuitive controls and (probably) totally safe for even the most VR-sickness sensitive players. GPU load should be minimal (for VR), too.

This game was developed by 2 game design students from Berlin. Another fine example showing that fresh ideas and clever design can give you more than big budget developments in VR.

Available on Steam only (at least so far) for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and WMR headsets via SteamVR.

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