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Quill Alembic to Maya

rlaphamrlapham Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
Hi, hoping someone had some insight on a few errors importing a Quill ABC into Maya. 
The importing with MEL and assigning Quill shader mostly works. On import I get the following errors: 

MEL: AbcImport -mode import -rcs "Z:/"


flip_AlembicNode.prop[117] --> NewLayer7_curves.rgba connection not made


flip_AlembicNode.prop[119] --> NewLayer7_curves.length connection not made


flip_AlembicNode.prop[120] --> NewLayer7_curves.time connection not made


flip_AlembicNode.prop[125] --> NewLayer7_mesh.width connection not made

The resulting import has the correct shader and number of frames, but the animations of each layer all start at the same time. It seems like some of the data was lost. Anyone run into this/can point me to some documentation of the workflow? 

Thanks - Richard 

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