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Is the Oculus Rift compatible with the Surface Book 2

I'm planning on buying a Oculus Rift and i would like to know a main computers I can use with out the Oculus compatibly test.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,703 Volunteer Moderator
    The Surface Book 2 doesn't have hdmi out.
    It does have a usb-c which might be able to connect to the rift using an adapter, but I don't know if that is going to work in this case. (People have used a rift with the usb-c output of the nvidia 2000 series cards, but the surface book 2's usb-c port is another matter)

    It also only has 2 usb-a ports, while the rift requires 3. A usb hub would be needed.

    Do you have a 13.5" or 15" surface book 2? The 15" model has a faster GPU and CPU.
  • Slyhotshot36020Slyhotshot36020 Posts: 3
    15 I think but there should be a those adapters with more USBs right
  • Jake_DragonJake_Dragon Posts: 100
    Even if you got it to work today I wouldn't expect it to be supported for very long.
    Mobil cards just don't have the same performance that a full workstation has.
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