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The Lock Stock Stability Mod and Cheek Riser

SandcrackaSandcracka Posts: 89
Hiro Protagonist
edited March 2019 in Off-Topic
I've been using The Lock Stock in Onward and though I really like it, it needed some improvement. 

The forward rail consists of 3 separate pieces.  I noticed some play at each seam so I added brackets on each side.  It wasn't much movement, but the extra brackets help keep it even tighter.

The joints are held together with a single 10-32 knob.  There is a plastic ridged washer that helps keep it locked in place when tightened.  The knobs have a tendency to loosen up over time.  I got tired of having to re-tighten them every so often and added some brackets on those joints.  Once I got the joints set into the position I liked I never change them anyways so this was easy decision to make.  I even removed the knobs and replaced them with 1" 10-32 screws.

Finally I added an adjustable cheek riser to the stock.  The lower 2 mounting holes fit perfectly at the bottom of the stock.  As you can see, this is where I put those knobs to good use.  The screws I used for the knobs are 10-32 0.5" with a hex head.  The cheek riser was a bit too long so I used a dremel and trimmed the end down to the first notch.

After I was finished I used some black cloth Gaffer's Tape to cover up the brackets.

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