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Reinstalling Oculus software is a pain ! Incremental files verification is asked .

netshamannetshaman Posts: 95
Hiro Protagonist
It is apain because for a guy like me who don,t have a fiber connection, re-downloading ALL the files EVERYTIME is really annoying !
You MUST add incremental verification for the files that are already present on the hard drive !
It is usefull for those who have connetion problems that interrupt downloading, needed to re-download ALL the files again after the most little incident ?
Shame !
It takes me 6:00 hours to download all files, and even they are all present on the hard drive, this stupid installer is redownloading all the stuff !
Come on !
Are you lazy at this point devs ?
All other games or launchers have this feature, dont say to me that you are unable to program this kind of feature ?
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