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error code OVR33510728 help cant install games

keylenm96keylenm96 Posts: 2
just recently got an oculus rift and I cant download anything. Everytime I click to download it shows a loading sign then goes right back top what its was at first. I currently have a folder on C:/Users/Pro Tech Gaming/Downloads/New Folder. I keep getting a code OVR33510728


  • tanputitanputi Posts: 1
    Have you solved this problem
  • successboy1successboy1 Posts: 8
    edited November 9
    keylenm96 I, too am having this problem.
    It seems like the download automatically initialized when I closed my web browser. It had many tabs opened, and maybe was interfering with the network transfer.
    *Update : Maybe it wasn't actually the web browser causing this, but the Unreal Editor. The project I was trying to launch was the same as the app I was trying to update. Closing the Unreal Editor (which also had the app's project opened) allowed the update download to initialize.
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