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Many thanks, Oculus!

avnrieavnrie Posts: 13
Many thanks to the Oculus team for not only responding to my email ASAP, but for fixing my problem! I am so impressed with their professionalism and desire to maintain a quality product that I just felt I had to share it with all other Oculus members.

I used to be a little bit worried because Facebook is the owner of Oculus, and it just felt like it could be a potentially and extremely problematic experience somewhere down the road. Well, after this past week's Face Book's major blackout. and the way it seemed to affect Oculus. and most especially the way my problem was quickly handled thanks to  the speed and friendliness of the Oculus support team,  I am now feeling more a lot secure with this great product.

 An Oculus owner for one year already, I am totally hooked on It. And, for good reason: I am disabled and unable to travel or even go out in crowds hardly at all. VR has opened up the world to me, and I cannot thank Oculus enough for being there for me when I needed it the most.

Rie S. 
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