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Lost sound in the headphones

  This isn't the usual the screws on the headphones got loose problem. I get a repeating beep in the left earphone and just noise in the right. I assume some audio setting has gone awry but I can't find it.  This all started after the latest windows update - Oculus started crashing my system then after another windows update the next night that stopped but the sound problem started.  Can anyone point me in a useful direction?


  • zaphod.parkerzaphod.parker Posts: 6
    Oculus is back to crashing my system so badly that I had to unplug everything to keep the computer from a blue screen of death...  I think it is an Oculus blue screen (light blue with a message saying your computer needs to crash but we are sending ourselves information. It always hangs up trying to send info to itself so I have to hard boot. I finally got an email back from support - they wanted to know if the screws were tight...  ;-)?  If I can't get it working I guess it goes back into the box to be given to someone I hate while I order a real VR headset (I'm thinking the Samsung Odyssey+ looks good - better resolution - almost no screen door effect, and no sensors to lose communications and crash my Oculus...)
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