White light, audio on, sensors on but NO DISPLAY IN THE RIFT — Oculus
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White light, audio on, sensors on but NO DISPLAY IN THE RIFT

Hello I just got my rift today and was setting it up. I have set up everything as the software told me, everything seemed in order. Touch controllers work great and sensors too... Then it came to the point of setting up inside VR, white light in the headset was on and turns off as I put it on ( as it should be), the hdmi and usb 3.0 is also correctly connected, I even checked the mini hdmi inside the rift to make sure it was also plugged right, I get audio and maybe 30sec of display and then it stops to a complete black screen (still with audio). Sometimes I'll get a bit of display but it always goes away very fast, I couldn't even finish the tutorial with the touch controllers. I see the display correctly on my monitor, with the displayport, but nothing in the headset. I have tried everything I could, restarting, reinstalling the drivers, made sure everything was up to date but nothing has been working so far after more than 5hours of trying, so I really need your help. thanks in advance


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 254 Oculus Staff

    Hey Nicolas, does moving the headset cable cause any change in the display? If it does, it could be a problem with the headset cable. If you're using any kind of adapters or extender cables with your headset, try connecting directly to your system instead. If possible, please try a different HDMI port. Please create a support ticket at https://support.oculus.com/885981024820727 so we can help you with this. Thanks! -Rick

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