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Oculus Home Starts when Windows Boots

BearlyCompetentBearlyCompetent Posts: 5
Is there a way to prevent Oculus Home from starting when i boot windows? I rather start it when i actually need it. I have been searching everyone and cant find an answer that works.


  • BearlyCompetentBearlyCompetent Posts: 5
    The major reason for the change is every time it opens/closes my main screen flashes to black then back on SUPER annoying, there should be a setting like every other program that prevents it from starting on boot. I have spent hours scouring the interwebs for an answer and have found nothing. Someone out there must know how to do this.
  • BearlyCompetentBearlyCompetent Posts: 5
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,322
    Project 2501
    It shouldn't be starting by itself. Putting on the HMD is what normally starts the Oculus App.
    Check that the proximity sensor isn't being triggered by a VR Cover or something.
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  • Remmer_GRemmer_G Posts: 34
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    Well, you could stop the service from starting at boot which would prevent any other Oculus software from starting at boot. Then use Oculus Tray Tool to start and stop the service and Home either automagically or manually. I have mine set to start with OTT and stop when I exit OTT.
  • BearlyCompetentBearlyCompetent Posts: 5
    Richooal said:
    Check that the proximity sensor isn't being triggered by a VR Cover or something.
    This was it, thanks so much, took 2 months but now it is solved. Thanks.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,884 Volunteer Moderator
    I had the same thing when I first got a VR Cover.
    Now I have a reflex of pulling the cover up with my thumb every time I take the headset off.

    It's actually useful for development though, I push it down to keep the headset active when I'm not wearing it, handy for stuff like hand position tracking (which stops when the headset isn't worn) testing.

    Any other objects within the headset headband area could trigger it (like putting touch controllers in there to save space when not being used)
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    OCULUS can fix this simple issue. Add a Switch for the Proximity Sensor. As usual they ignore us!
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