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No audio on my rift. Different than other people.

Maybe there is a compatibility issue. Says failed to play test tone on rift headphones. I can hear a faint click in them when I mute it. Video works perfect. I've watched almost every video about audio. But I cant figure it out. I tried every usb on my comp 3.1 3.0 and 2.0. Ordered a pcie for fresh usb slots. Not here yet but i cant think of anything else.
8600k OC to 4.9
32 gb ram ddr4
z370 gaming plus mobo

No my usb 3.0 buses arent maxed out.
Yes i set it to rift audio.
Yes updated the drivers.
Yes I reinstalled.
Yes i reset computer.

Please help.


  • Nickdbb12Nickdbb12 Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    In the oculus menu (in the VR set), go to the very right of the dock panel, with the time, trigger on it and check the audio sliders are up, the microphone one controls input and the speaker one controls output
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