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oculus home not showing on rift

Blade_runner4379Blade_runner4379 Posts: 4
So my household has a rift and it has been working well and we all enjoy it, however, this morning we went to turn it on and it would only show the pc home page through it. It hasn't been showing the oculus menus through the rift no matter what we do. On top of that I want to say the sensors aren't working as I usually see power indicators lit up on them and currently am not. Can anyone help me?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 877 Oculus Staff

    Hey Blade_runner4379, please try reseating the headset cable (on both ends) and make sure that it is connected directly to your dedicated graphics card without any kind of adapters or extension cables. To remove the headset cable from the headset, you'll need to remove the headset cable first. Instructions on removing the headset cable are available here . I also recommend checking to see your graphics card drivers are updated. If you need more help, please contact support at . Thanks! -Rick

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