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Oculus home will not load.

KaishenKaishen Posts: 4
Hey guys, so, I was using my rift fine last night, working perfectly..Just logged in and my Oculus home refuses to load..stuck in that white void with the loading circle..Menu's all work fine, I can run games etc..It even says i am in my home, I can see people logging in to visit..but the home itself refuses to load up..any ideas? 


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 801 Oculus Staff

    Hey Kaishen, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your Oculus Home. If you haven't already, I recommend running a repair on the Oculus software. You can run a repair by downloading the setup file from , opening it and selecting the repair option. It could also be an issue with the current active Home that you're using in VR. Try using a different default home and see if it loads for you. Please feel free to contact support at if you need any other assistance. Thanks! -Rick

  • KaishenKaishen Posts: 4
    Hi, it seems to be just my main home..i can log in to friends homes fine, then jump to my other places, but my main one is knackered, loads up some items, but they are black shapes, also, my position is outside the area on the opposite side of entry point. everything else runs fine, its just this one home..
  • KaishenKaishen Posts: 4
    Ok, deleted the home causing the issues, seems to be fine now..but while figuring this out, it seems my third sensor has died :/ I cant get it to work or be noticed by the oculus app at all.

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