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Asgard's Wrath PAX East Demo In The Oculus Rift S First Look

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 303
edited April 2019 in General

So I got my first look at Asgard's Wrath last week while attending PAX East and man lemme tell ya this game is AWESOME! Asgard's Wrath was by far the game I was most looking forward to trying out in the new Oculus Rift S and I'm happy to say it did not disappoint! The first thing I noticed was just how bright and clear the game looked on the new screens of the Rift S. The increased visual fidelity was very welcome and helped to make the visuals of the game even more stunning! The games graphics look top notch and the character animations are very well done. After picking my jaw back off the floor from being amazed by the beautiful graphics I noticed just how satisfying the combat felt.... Finally I feel like I am standing there fighting for my life against enemies that are scaled well and look and move very convincingly. At one point I was really starting to feel a sense of panic during the fights that I have not felt in a long time in a VR game like this one. Overall the demo I did consisted of 2 training areas, a sort of prologue and an arena fight. The game will of course feature much more than that and I'm even more excited for the release now that I have experienced it for myself! If Asgard's Wrath is any indication of the quality of the VR games we are going to see at launch for the Rift S then I think 2019 is gonna be a damn good year got Virtual Reality Gaming! What are your thoughts on Asgard's Wreath or any of the other upcoming VR titles for 2019? Lets discuss it in the comments below. []-)
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  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,830 Valuable Player
    I'm also very excited. I know I'll buy it but I have a few concerns. 

    1. The blood is not red in some videos I see. There is a lot of blood splashing but if it's blue or black I would rather not have so much blood.

    2. There's too much visual noise. The blue force shield that has to be broken glows every time you strike the shielded enemies. We already have the health and shield bar, we don't need the extra visual noise. 

    3. The instant climbing of ladders. I don't like it. Not a big deal but unnecessary when you compare it to similar games.

    4. Too much talking by the main character. I like it in Arizona Sunshine but it seems a bit repetitive. I hate it in Mage's Tale when every enemy I burn says the same thing. It gets annoying after a while. Sometimes less is more.

    Here is a video of someone question ..

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  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    So I've heard that a lot of combat is done with limited-durability weapons you'll just pick up and replace as you go.   Did you happen to try to throwing your weapons (broken or non-broken) at the enemies?   Or punching them with your fist while unarmed?

    It seems like the combat is largely based around blocking / deflecting a series of attacks and then striking when you have an opening,  and I'm curious if that means the enemies are 100% untouchable when not presenting a designated opening... or if it's possible to sneak in some attacks outside of that sequence, if you aim carefully around the areas they're gaurding or just time a counter-attack well, or something like that.  Your thoughts on that matter?

    I'm also curious how large / explorable the game's levels will be, and how much interactive detail and worldbuilding fluff we can expect... but I doubt the demo sections you played would give you much idea of that?

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