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Can't Log in

SpuffleSpuffle Posts: 1
When logging in to my Oculus account through facebook or otherwise on PC, it logs in fine. When I try to do so on the Oculus app, it just gives a loading wheel that spins forever with no progress. This is my first time logging in to the account on my mobile and so hasn't worked so far.


  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,146 Valuable Player
    edited April 2019
    That's because Oculus Staff refuse to answer this or get someone to fix it. I've just spent the last god knows how long trying to login on my windows 10 PC. it's just pot luck if you can login to the forums or not now. 

    Edit: Now if I change to the Support section or other parts of the forum, it just logs me out and takes ages for me to get logged in again. I'm thinking of leaving these forums and going to Reddit, because this website is a pile of pants.

    Someone from Oculus once commented on this problem and said it would be fixed, but that was weeks ago now and this forums being like this for months. It just gets worse though and over the last month it's being a nightmare.

  • Dawas19Dawas19 Posts: 13
    the same problem with me
  • rhodinrhodin Posts: 1
    same problem with note4
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