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Oculus Go.

Hader21Hader21 Posts: 1
I wonder what's the benefit of this GO device? OK, you can see your virtual sitting room where a Netflix is painted on a virtual TV device. I already have a sitting room with a 55" TV screen. So why I should buy this. It adds nothing special to watching movies.


  • Rob_In_PhoenixRob_In_Phoenix Posts: 344
    Not everyone has a sitting room with a 55 inch tv screen so they may like it for exactly that purpose.  I have a room with a 53 inch tv and I would still prefer to watch a Netflix movie on my GO.  Seriously.

    The GO does more than Netflix.  Have you tried one?  Do you understand what audience this device is targeted for?
  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,156
    edited April 2019
    Yeah, I have a 55" 4k TV and still find Netflix feels better on the Go... probably because the virtual screen is much closer to me than the real TV.

    However, I mostly use the Go for the Virzoom bike these days.

    And don't forget you can use it to take your 'big-screen TV' anywhere you go.

    Oh, and 360 Youtube movies. I don't think there's a Youtube app for the Rift yet, is there?
  • 24_7gaminghub24_7gaminghub Posts: 544
    Nexus 6
    Oculus Go is the bomb.
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