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Oculus Setup on another drive

ULMTDorsalfinULMTDorsalfin Posts: 1
I recently got another hard drive cause my drives have started to fill up, and my oculus couldn't start because of an needed update i didn't have room for, so I tried moving it to my new drive but it then got rid of oculus so I'm trying to reinstall it again but it sends me to and says I need to go into oculus_setup but that doesn't exist anymore so how do I install it on my new drive without having to go on my (C:) Drive? Thank you 


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,298 Oculus Staff
    Hi @ULMTDorsalfin,

    Sorry to hear you're having troubles installing the Oculus app on your other drive. So we can help look into this for you, please grab your Oculus Setup log file using these steps: then create a ticket with them attached.

    Thanks! -Aidan
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 2,061 Valuable Player
    You could also just leave your Oculus set up on the original drive and move the apps to the new drive. This function is already built in to the desktop app.

    If you  go to "Settings" - "General" - "Library Locations" - Edit

    You can add extra locations for your apps while leaving the Oculus app on your C drive.
    Also, in your library, you can individually move games/apps to whichever locations you have set up.

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