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How to Control the Dashboard Without the Touch Controllers?

ThurboThurbo Posts: 6
I googled this to no avail.
This is for games that merely have a 3D VR mode and are meant to be played with mouse and keyboard, and have no support for VR controllers such as the Oculus Touch.

It seems that I have to use the Dashboard in VR for certain actions such as disabling the guardian system or resetting a game's default view. If this is not the case and these options can be changed on my desktop, then that would also be a solution to my issue.
While the Dashboard is active, I can see there's a ray tracing dot controlled by my view that I should be able to make selections with, but how? I don't want to get the Touch controllers out and have them draw power every time I need to change something in the Dashboard.


  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,232 Valuable Player
    You can use the Oculus Remote if you have one, and also an Xbox controller.

    And welcome to the forums :)
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  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 321
    I understand your Touch battery concerns however I often use Touch and the battery life is really really good.
  • ThurboThurbo Posts: 6
    I had already figured I could use a controller but I leave them on the couch. I don't really want to get up and move them every time I want to play a VR game, and there's not a lot of extra space on my desk to put one either. It has to rest on my mouse pad. Plus, it's silly I have to reach for something other than my mouse and keyboard, just kinda blindly poking around while wearing the headset and playing a m+k game.

    I just find it odd that there's no way to control the dash just using mouse and keyboard. And that those options can only be accessed from within the headset rather than also on the desktop. Overall it's just very inconveniently made.

    An option to enable "stare activation" would have also helped, where you look at a button for a certain time for it to get pressed.

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