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Using 8 Go’s in a college - network? separate accounts?

sdhaydensdhayden Posts: 1
We have purchased 8 Oculus Go’s for use at a college with lots of different students and staff booking them out for use.

My digital team and I are looking to see what is the best way to organise and ‘network’ them together.

* Should we create separate Facebook accounts for each device? (so they can join together in a ‘party’)
* Should we create one Facebook account and then connect all 8 to that one account?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,536 Valuable Player
    Hello and welcome to the community help forum.

    You will find more help by sending in a ticket directly to Oculus support team on this matter here:
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,633 Volunteer Moderator
    You don't need a facebook account for them, an oculus account is enough for everything except two or three apps.

    The main issue is for each account used for a Go, you need a mobile phone to tie it to. You can have all 8 attached to one phone, but they must all be using the one account (changing the logged in account requires a factory reset and re-setup of the Go). If you want them to have separate accounts, then you need 8 phones.
    For the most part people don't need the phone to use the Go once it's set up. My Go is tied to my phone, but I loaned my Go to one of my students for 3 weeks for development and he was fine.

    Plus if you have separate accounts, you need to buy any apps 8 times (apps are tied to the account, not the headset).
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