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Onward won’t load from home

Ibsn87Ibsn87 Posts: 19
Brain Burst
Hi there,

Both my brother and my PC are totally different. Both of us tried playing Onward last night and both of us could not load the game from home. It would open the oculus load screen, then get stuck and kick us back to home. Tried restarts and all the basics, all drivers up to date etc.

Anyone else experiencing the same dramas? Any tricks? I tried running onward directly from the file location as administrator and got a downpour interactive logo and the rain sound and then it crashed back to home. 

Windows 10, all up to date, gtx1080, intel 4770k with a maximus hero vi MB. 

My brothers computer is a new new gaming laptop with a 1070. 

We have never had any issues previously and I can’t find anyone else complaining of the same issue. Seems to be since the most recent update... and we both experienced the same fault from different computers and different locations.




  • AntmaldonadoAntmaldonado Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. I tried on a laptop and PC. I have the newest msi and a falcon tower that I run plenty of other games off of just fine but I tried back in May and again today and it works up to the home menu and when I select training or a game mode it loads and the reloads back to the main menu home. I don't understand why.
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