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Best method of setting up 2 Oculus go's

edwardmorganedwardmorgan Posts: 1
I want to purchase a second go for my spouse and I am trying to figure out the best method of setting up a second go for family use on one cell phone. Support is of no real help in this area. There appear to be 2 methods of accomplish this; each with their own problems. Method one appears to be logging both headsets into one account. The problem  in this method is you cannot differentiate between headsets and must use the same avatar and limited game interaction. Positives apparently is easy set up and the ability to share apps and items downloaded. 2nd method is to use two separate accounts on the same phone. To do this, you have to set up one headset; log out of the app; log into the app under a second account; and then set up the second headset. After set up; apparently you can then operate both headsets and interact via wifi. The disadvantage is that you cannot share content; however, you can interact on games both have downloaded. My question is which method has proved most beneficial for 2 headsets within a family? I assume there are many folks who have multiple headsets and I would like some input as to which method has worked best for multiple users. Thanks. 


  • EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 52
    Hiro Protagonist
    I really hope there is a better way on the Quest. I want to buy 2 of them, but without family accounts i will run into the same problem. Your only option to play together on 2 Go's are 2 seperate accounts.

    I do not want to buy everything twice(or for a fourth time - SteamVR -> PSVR -> Go and now Quest), but i want to play multiplayer games together with my family.

    For now i play cross platform games like RecRoom on PC and PSVR. Go cross platform games like Wands are also working fine but 2 Go's need 2 accounts for now, and that sucks. The games on the Go are gladly not that expensive, so 2 accounts are OK, but Quest games share the same price as the PC counterparts...i don't know...

    Fingers crossed, that this won't be an issue for the Quest. 
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