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Two Headsets on the same account

So in the future I may be getting the new Rift S, and I'm planning to give my current Rift CV1 to my wife who will be studying for her masters in another state. I know that you cant use the same apps on the same account, but if both headsets are linked to my account, can it still run third party softwares like SteamVR fine? 

For example we both boot up VRChat on steamvr using our own individual Steam Accounts, but both headsets are linked to the same Oculus Account. Will that work? Or do I have to unlink the CV1 and link it to a new account for her?


  • leo1954auleo1954au Posts: 375
    Nexus 6
    I registered my sons Samsung gear on my rift account but now the account is under my sons name instead of mine and I was told I couldn't change it back so I would make sure you have the Rift S under the same name as your CV1
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