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Exploring The Firmament VR Proof Of Concept Kickstarter Demo - 20 Minutes Of Gameplay!

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 303

OK.. So as many of you who watch my channel know I am an old school gamer who came up playing the grand puzzle/adventure title's like Myst and Riven, so I have always had a soft spot in my heart for anything that Cyan Worlds puts out there. I was pleasantly surprised recently to see that Cyan was back at it trying to get funding for their potential second VR title: Firmament.

Firmament will be the second VR offering from Cyan after the success of the first title they produced for virtual reality which was Obduction. Now if you played that one you know that the Cyan team really knows how to construct vast and beautiful worlds with thoughtful and quite challenging puzzles and I'm happy to say from what I saw in the 20 minute tech demo I played that Firmamnet will follow suit. The graphics were as expected outstanding and the sheer scale of the outdoor scenes in the demo was breathtaking!

Currently Firmamnet is about at the half way point of their funding goal with only 15 days to go over on Kickstarter. If you are like me and are longing for another great puzzle/adventure game with a rich and detailed narrative driven world to explore, then I highly recommend heading over to the Kickstarter page and showing Cyan some love!

I don't want to sound like a complete shill here, I just really love Cyan's work and feel that they are some of the OG's of PC gaming and that they deserve our support. I mean c'mon.. We are always complaining we want full and polished games in VR and here is a studio that is trying to give us one, so lets all get over there and help them reach that goal! []-)

You can check out the Firmament Kickstarter page here:

  • Sorry for the bad audio and choppy video in some parts of this recording. Please keep in mind that this is a proof of concept tech demo and it is not very optimized! If Cyan achieves their goal and produces the game I assure you that it will not play like what you see here!
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  • pyroth309pyroth309 Posts: 1,576 Valuable Player
    edited April 2019
    Yea, I hope they reach their goal. It passed 50% and is at 53% now with 15 days left so there's time but that's a big chunk to go. It's going to require Non-VR people backing it. Hopefully someone posted in PSVR reddit/threads also.
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