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One core gradually maxes out > stutter :(

Padme17Padme17 Posts: 1
edited April 2019 in Support
Hi, have an odd issue that regardless of the game core0 works its way up from normal usage to a state where its constantly bouncing off 100% usage and creating an unplayable amount of sutter and 2-3 second hangs. It usually takes about 5 min to do so and plays perfectly fine up until that point oculushome2 uses 100% of one core even when not in an actual game. Even when i exit and try another game it will be stuck in this unplayable state.
 This is on a 6700k & gtx1080 with all Asus processes ended, Msi afterburner closed, high performance power plan and usbselective suspending dissabled.
Any ideas or help would be appreciated as I'm new to this vr buisiness.
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