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3F203F20 Posts: 1
Hi Guys,
I had bought a Rift late last year only to find out that i need to upgrade my gaming computer. I upgraded to a new gaming computer and tried to set the Rift up. it didn't work.  I started talking to their support and did whatever they asked me to (diagnostics, upgrading of software etc etc). it didn't work.  I requested for someone to call but no one bothered. I wrote a stern email  that if no one is willing to help me then can someone pick up junk that i have paid a lot for..... I got an email below email from them 

Hi Pawan,

I understand that this is a lengthier process than you were hoping for, but completing the troubleshooting will help us narrow down where the issue lies.

I can bring in some other members of the team to take a look at this. Please give us some time and we'll get back to you.

Best regards,

Oculus Support

post that, i got the email below  from Aidan (oculus support team)

Hello Pawan,

Thank you for your patience while I had reviewed your case.

I had found a few different points of concern that may be causing your Rift to not work properly while further reviewing your logs. While I understand that the troubleshooting process is not ideal, it is necessary for us to go through it so we can get you having a good time in VR.

To start off, I would like to ensure that you're using an administrative Windows account to ensure that we do not come across any permission-related issues along the rest of the troubleshooting.

Moving forward, I had noticed that you're currently using an older version of Windows. As we require the latest Windows Updates for the Rift to function, I will need you to ensure that you have that up-to-date. For reference, you're currently using build 16299 (Ver 1709), whereas the latest update for Windows is build 17763 (Ver 1809).

Then, once you've gone through all of the necessary updates, you should be able to launch Oculus and in theory it should be working now.

With that in mind, I had found a few conflicting programs installed that may decrease performance or even stop the Rift from working completely. These programs are those included with the ASUS Suite III, such as Aura and AEGIS III.

On top of that, it looks like you may have McAfee installed. If the Rift still isn't working after going through the above, it would be a worthwhile step to temporarily uninstall McAfee, restart your computer, then repair the Oculussoftware using the Oculus Setup file which can be downloaded through clicking here.

If none of the above changes anything, please get back to me with an updated set of logs so I can check for any other irregularities that would be causing the Rift to not work for you.

All the best,


I did everything what Aidan (oculus agent) asked for, it still doesn't work. I  also asked him for explanation  why i needed to to what i needed to.  No response from him for past 2 weeks.

has anyone encountered this type issues with oculus? do they have service agents that call?  of its only email support?

 my experience with oculus has been extremely terrible. 


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,335
    Project 2501
    I've encountered this approach before.
    1. I ask for their help.
    2. They ask for information.
    3. I give them what they need.
    4. They give a solution. (in one case it was removal of the ASUS suite.)

    I thought that Aidan explained the reasons for each step very well in his email to you. My suggestion is that you start listening, doing what is asked and providing feedback. The Oculus support team may be (are) long winded but sometimes that is necessary to ensure they are checking the right things.

    Another suggestion is that you post your specs and your problem here. Someone may have the same set up.
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  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,072 Valuable Player
    Get RID of McAfee.  Norton, AVG, and McAfee are all complete garbage and bog down systems as they are MASSIVE resource hogs.  If you must have an AntiVirus then go for ESET....

    That said what Aiden said is true.  Follow his instructions......even if you don't like them.
  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    Oculus don't do phone support, so yes it is only via email after you submit a ticket.

    The support process might seem lengthy, but with troubleshooting PC's, it has to be that way as they methodically work through the list of possible problems. They don't have access to your PC or can see how you've set it up, both physically in terms of the hardware and in terms of software. Which is why when submitting tickets for support, you should always try and provide as much detailed information about your problem and your setup as possible to enable them to start narrowing down what might be the cause of your issue. Even if they ask you to check really obvious simple things, you should do it, so that they can tick them off the list of possible causes.

    I used to work in IT support many years ago, and I've driven out to companies to look at problems with computers not firing up, only to find that they literally haven't switched the computer on at the wall socket. You'd think it was a blindingly obvious thing to check; but it happens. So if it seems like they're just getting you to go through a long list of simple stuff, including things like "Have you made sure you've plugged it in properly? Can you check the connections at the back of your PC?", I'm afraid it's a necessary part of the troubleshooting process.

    Perhaps if you post a detailed explanation of the problem you are having here, we may be able to help and respond a little more quickly than Oculus support can.
  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,072 Valuable Player
    Also remember that this forum IS NOT OCULUS SUPPORT.  This is merely a forum related to Oculus products and thats all. 
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