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oculus sensors wont detect over repeater cable.

GratiaPlenaGratiaPlena Posts: 1

My gaming set up is my home theater, so I’ve set up three USB hubs for convienent access.  One in the back of the room, closest to the PC, this where I plug in my two rear oculus sensors also.  They always work perfectly, no issues. The largest hub is in the middle near my couch, it’s also where I plug in my headset, and it worked perfectly with no issues. 


In front I set up another USB hub just for my front sensors. Being the furthest from the pc I am using a CableMatters 20m repeater cable complete with a 2000mA power supply. The Hub is also powered, and this set up worked fine for months. Eventually it started acting a little inconsistent, where one sensor wouldn’t be working. To fix that I would usually just reboot, and when that failed change the order my USB cables plug into the back of the PC


 Now though the sensors won’t even detect if I plug them in up there. They will work at any of the other hubs. Other usb devices work if I plug them in there, just fine. My USB controller is the ASMedia 3.1 on my MSI M7 z270 motherboard. I also tried putting my other sensors up there, and they wouldn’t detect either. For some reason, my pic will refuse an oculus sensor if it is plugged in through a repeater cable... I have even tried a new cable and hub, which worked ONCE and now won't work again... I updated my bios, attempting a system restore now, I’ve tried uninstalling the sensors in the device manager. But I’m running out of things to try. 

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