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Sairento vr is unplayable!!!



  • Brandon5455Brandon5455 Posts: 18
    I tried to get into contact with them they never responded to my messages!! And I have the rtx2080 installed why would I take apart my computer to install an inferior graphics card that made the oculus performance worse.
  • Brandon5455Brandon5455 Posts: 18
    edited April 28
    I already tried playing it with the 1060 multiple times. Everytime it runs like garbage the game crashed every 15-20 minutes hence why I got a 2080. At least with the 2080 it doesn't crash but still runs like complete shit.
  • Brandon5455Brandon5455 Posts: 18
    Tried getting support submitted two tickets and they told me to reinstall the software and or drivers which solved nothing. And I already had tried it with the 1060. It ran worse. That's why I upgraded to a 2080.
  • SneakyglowormSneakygloworm Posts: 88
    Hiro Protagonist
    Has the op connected 2 connectors to the gpu from the psu. The 2080 is a bit power hungry at full bore. Around 250+ watts from what I can make out. Is it worth removing every USB device bar the rift, keyboard and mouse and see if it helps. Poor sensor tracking probably won't help either. 
  • SpiceLife72SpiceLife72 Posts: 149
    It might be your power supply is not providing enough power for the RTX2080.
  • Brandon5455Brandon5455 Posts: 18
    edited May 22
    Its not my power supply is a corsair 750 watt. Anyway decided to get a rift s when I heard about the inside out tracking. Thought maybe Sairento would work this time but nope. Audio cutting in and out and screen tearing once again. I don't understand why the hell its only with this game!!
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