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Iphone Game "Ronaldo" is Back in the Store

StevenClark123StevenClark123 Posts: 1
Fans of original iPhone game "Ronaldo" would be extremely thrilled and excited to to hear the news that Ronaldo: Royal Edition is back in app store. Ronaldo: Royal Edition is a remastered version of the 2008 platform themed puzzle game. 

Ronaldo is one of the vintage games of IOS. It is one of the first games that was available on IPhone. It was one of the first game when app store was initially launched. As per different game development companies of that time, it was one of the best games that was available on IOS platform. The new version contains updated, newly designed levels and even different mechanics. The whole game has been now updated with new content. 

Your aim in this game would be to guide a team of Ronaldos through various traps and puzzles and to save the sage from shadow creatures. Players use touch, tap and tilt to play the game. 
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