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Blank screen, orange light, Audio only Issue

rhys1573rhys1573 Posts: 1
Hi guys,
Bought the Rift a few days ago and had it working great up until now. Suddenly, theres no video only blackness, an orange LED light and only audio playing. I can even hear myself moving around in-game.
I havent touhed any settings
 Many thanks


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 198 Oculus Staff
    Hey @rhys1573,

    In your situation I would first suggest ensuring that you have the latest graphics drivers. We have an article on this here: If that doesn't work, reseating the headset cable from both your computer and the headset itself would also be a worthwhile step, in case the connection got loose during play. Instructions on how to properly remove the cable from the headset can be found here:

    If neither of those troubleshooting steps had fixed the display loss, we would love for you to reach out and create a ticket with us so we can help resolve this with you. You'll be able to create a ticket here:

    Thanks! -Aidan
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