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Exchange defective warranted Go for credit towards Quest

TalktoRickTalktoRick Posts: 1
This is my second  defective 64G Go charging port.  Oculus wants me to ship it in for a third Go! 
Why can’t they keep the new Go and issue me an Oculus credit  towards the Quest? A “Restocking Fee” would be no problem for me. I am willing to lose up to half of the $250 just not to deal with another Go. 


  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,780 Valuable Player
    edited April 18
    I think most places only do a replacement for the original device after 30 days, which means you can exchange it for another Oculus Go. If companies didn't do that then people with faulty Rift CV1's could just say they wanted a Rift -S etc.  

    They also can't replace it with a Oculus Quest or something towards Oculus Quest,  because it's not even out yet.
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