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Need a Refurbished Headset

I had a rift and loved and used the hell out of it till it died to the dreaded HDMI connection issue.  I want to buy a refurbished headset. Don't need the controllers or sensors just the headset. But I can't find on the oculus site where to order one from rift and don't want to get one from a third party. Can someone kindly point  the way for me.


  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,506 Valuable Player
    No sure what the dreaded HDMI issue is your referring to, but any possibility a replacement HDMI cable from Oculus might be a fix ?

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  • BlackCat75BlackCat75 Posts: 2
    Nope, ran the logs and support pretty much told me my headset was bricked

  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 765 Oculus Staff
    Hey @BlackCat75, the refurbished headsets aren't something that are normally available through our website. If you're interested in purchasing a refurbished headset, please contact support again and they will be able to help you get access. Thanks! -Rick
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