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Dynamic backlight dimming on LCD headsets?

LujhoLujho Posts: 63
Hiro Protagonist
Does anyone have an idea of whether it would be possible to implement automatic dynamic dimming of the LED backlight (like LCD TVs have) on LCD based headsets like the Go and Rift S in order to "fake" better black levels, as a software update after release? So if the scene was a certain darkness (say, a logo on what should be a black background, or a dark space scene) the backlight could be dimmed right down take make the black part darker than it otherwise would be. And if the scene is supposed to be 100% black (like a transition between two different screens, "fade to black" etc) it would just go off completely like an LCD TV does. Brighter scenes would obviously turn the backlight up. The Go has (and I presume the Rift S will have) a static brightness setting but obviously nothing like I'm describing. It seems like something that would be easy to do, would improve the aesthetics of the images you're seeing significantly, it kind of seems like a no brainer. And might even (very slightly) save battery life on the Go? If even basic TVs have been able to do this for years, I don't see why a headset couldn't. 

I have a Go and while the image quality is great in every other way, you really *do* notice when things should be black and aren't, IMO. Obviously, less dark black levels are one of the reasons that the Rift S has got the mixed reaction that it has, I feel like what I'm suggesting would go a long way to counter that. 
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