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oculus software becomes featureless black box

warrenEBBwarrenEBB Posts: 9 Oculus Start Member
edited April 23 in Support
I keep getting this at home, and on my work computer. 
The oculus software starts fine (as a window on my desktop), but after a while, it seems to lock up, displaying nothing but the background. When i right click the oculus icon in my taskbar and chose "close window" it doesn't do anything. Only way to force it to quit it is to restart my computer.

However if i put the Goggles back on, everything in the headset still seems to be working fine. (though i noticed he headset seems warm to the touch. so maybe it is still running somehting, even when sitting on desk next to me with no visible light coming out?)...

Huh, anyway, this keeps happening, on two different computers with different Rifts. So i was suprised i couldn't google up anyone else mentioning this, or search it out here in the forum. (maybe i'm using the wrong words?).

has anyone seen this? any idea how to fix? known issue?

+ i've mostly been playing Beat Saber (but also dabbling in Google Earth, Dead&Buried and Medium.) 
+ here is screenshot: http://www.warrenblyth.com/remote/oculusSW_featureless.PNG 


  • warrenEBBwarrenEBB Posts: 9 Oculus Start Member
    here is a screen shot of what i'm seeing/talking about : http://www.warrenblyth.com/remote/oculusSW_featureless.PNG

    (+ it will still minimize to task bar, and return, when i click on the taskbar icon)
  • Remmer_GRemmer_G Posts: 30
    Brain Burst
    Same thing happens to me; haven't figured out a pattern. I don't use any of the apps you named.
    You should be able to kill it in Task Manager. 
    I use Oculus Tray Tool with "Close Oculus Home on tool exit", which usually kills the unhappy Oculus App. 
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