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Good over the shoulder RPG?

RudalplRudalpl Posts: 41
Brain Burst
After couple of months I dusted off my Rift and am exploring stars in Elite or reliving Skyrim. Slowly getting ready to play Hellblade in VR as I only played it in flat version and that made me wonder...
Are there any proper RPG games a'la Skyrim or Witcher, with character development, inventory, dialogues and so on but not in a first person?
I'm looking for something that I could play like Hellblade where I follow my character and not be the character?
I know there's Chronos for example but Chronos is more platformer game if you know what I mean. I'm after the over-the-shoulder and more open world game.
More Skyrim, Witcher or Darksiders type of a game but in VR.
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