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Audio reverses every once in a while on Rift

MadManniManMadManniMan Posts: 3
It has happened in Pavlov VR as well as in Space Junkies at some point while gaming - only restarting or disconnecting and reconnecting the Rift switched the right and left audio channels back to normal.
Is this a known issue?


  • MadManniManMadManniMan Posts: 3
    Is any dev or support even reading in this forum?
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,722 Valuable Player
    edited May 2019
    Sorry, this is more of a community help forum than the Oculus direct. Please contact them at It sounds more like you might be having a USB issue though - have you tried a different port or switching to the front or back side of the computer? Sometimes a whole USB controller could be messing up. Also would be something wrong with your motherboard failing such as the sound controller or a bad driver update. I'm guess with out more information though.
  • MadManniManMadManniMan Posts: 3
    Thanks Mradr, good to know!
    I will try your suggestions when it happens again - but 1st I'll stick to Oculus (which I thought I contacted ;-) ).
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