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Any Free Games?

myroblytemyroblyte Posts: 2
The OG Rift comes with some free games.  Does the Rift S?


  • myroblytemyroblyte Posts: 2
    Clarification: Oculus TOUCH comes with the free games
  • dburnedburne Posts: 4,320 Valuable Player
    While no "official" word on this yet that I know of, the speculation seems to be it won't.
    Will just have to wait and see.

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  • The-VR-DimensionThe-VR-Dimension Posts: 2
    It will come with Medium and Quill. While yes, the Rift with Touch came with some awesome free games, get creative with Quill and Medium. 
  • CrashFuCrashFu Posts: 1,756 Valuable Player
    Do you mean,  "Any free games at all"  (because I'm sure it'll include the same ones that came with Rift and Touch.. although that's obviously redundant if you're already a Rift users)   or do you mean "Any new games, as exclusive freebies for Rift-S buyers"?

    I'm sure it will have all the previous freebies.  New ones  (other than the artistic apps mentioned above)  I'm not so sure about, but I'm hoping so!   It seems like including some hot titles with Rift-S purchase would be a good way to entice existing Rifters to make the upgrade..
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