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Ordering Quest in Europe as Business - what about the VAT/VAT-ID/reverse-charge?

jashanjashan Posts: 30
Brain Burst
I'm currently trying to order the Quest in Europe as a business which is located in Germany. Unfortunately, in the order process, there is not a single word said on VAT. So, I don't know if the €449,00:
  1. includes the 19% German VAT (then, it would be easy, I would get this back with my next VAT tax report),
  2. or if it includes VAT from another EU-country (in that case, I'd have to have a way to enter my VAT-ID, then the VAT would have to be removed by the store, and it would be handled via VAT reverse-charge - so even easier than German VAT but real trouble if the store has no support for handling VAT-IDs / reverse-charge),
  3. or if it is delivered from a non-EU country with or without VAT (in that case, "with VAT" would suck because I'd have to pay it even though actually, I shouldn't have to pay it).
If it's 2 (which I believe is most likely), VAT could be anything from 18% (Malta) to 27% (Hungary), so this could be a rather significant part of the price.
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