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Any way to run the Oculus app on Windows (alternately, casting several Go headsets to one screen)?

ET3DET3D Posts: 3

I want to make a demonstration with a few people moving in the same VR scene, each using an Oculus Go. That by itself should be possible, but I also want to be able to show what each of them is seeing. That's where I get stumped.

The Go can cast to the Android App (didn't work that great when I tried it, but would hopefully be serviceable enough). I thought that I could run the app in an Android emulator on the PC, and run a few of those, each connected to a different headset. Problem is, the Oculus app immediately exits in the emulator. I tried a few.

Is there a way to run the Oculus app the way I want it? If not, any other idea how to cast several Go headsets onto one PC screen?

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